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” This course has given you an insight into the immigrant experience from various”

” This course has given you an insight into the immigrant experience from various”

This course has given you an insight into the immigrant experience from various points of view. In this course project you will recreate the immigrant experience of a member of one immigrant group of your choice.
Using the course and module readings research various immigrant groups to select an immigrant group to which you would like your imaginary character to belong.
Invent a fictitious name for that character.
Build a story around that person s experiences from the time he or she landed on America s shores in his or her quest to become a part of the American life using what you have learned in your readings writings and discussions throughout the course about that immigrant group to inform your story.
Assume the point of view of the character and be sure to address these components in the story:
What sort of obstacles have you faced as a family since your arrival How have the dynamics in your family changed as a result of your migration
Has your economic status changed as a result of your migration Was it more difficult for you to find work than you anticipated Provide specific details in your answer.
Do you feel at home in America yet Are you able to preserve some of your old habits and traditions from the old country If so how Why is preserving these traces of your old life so important to you
Has your religion played a part in your transition to American life If so how Please be as specific as possible.
Are you living the life now that you imagined you would before your migration Why or why not
What do you wish that you knew about this transition before coming to America If you could do it over again would you Why
Develop a 8 10-slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Be sure to follow these instructions:
Each slide should be written in the form of a personal diary entry.
To fill out the historical and cultural context of the immigrant struggle draw on the material contained in your textbook.
Outside research is permissible but not required.
All source material (textbook or other resource) must be cited using APA style.”

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