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“The Role of Economics in the Health and Medical Care IndustryDewar (2010) indica”

“The Role of Economics in the Health and Medical Care IndustryDewar (2010) indica”

“The Role of Economics in the Health and Medical Care IndustryDewar (2010) indicates that the field of economics can provide a structure to examine the implications of individual decision making and help define the alternative mechanisms to improve resource allocation (p. 9) but it cannot be used as a solution to all issues concerning healthcare access and delivery.
Economists prepare economic analysis briefs to provide insight into how economic market forces operate. For this assignment prepare an economic analysis brief that describes the role of economics in the health and medical care industry in the United States or abroad to demonstrate an understanding of Module 2. Discuss and synthesize key elements from at least two recent scholarly articles (found in the CSU-Global Library) that address one of the following points:
Determine the distribution and allocation of scarce resources.
Apply economic models theories or assumptions.
Offer objective methods for attempting to predict future market behavior in response to events trends and cycles.
Assess economic policy recommendations for healthcare stakeholders.
Evaluate the economic health of the nation or state.
Your analysis should be thoughtful and thorough well written and formatted accordingly:
Title page
Introduction What is the topic why is it important and what are the objectives of your brief
Body What are the key elements of the scholarly articles that support the objectives of your brief What economic models or concepts apply
Conclusion What are the future implications policy recommendations etc.
Reference page”

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